2023: Keepers of the Kingdom

Grab your helmets! Mount your trusty steeds! There’s adventure around every turn at Keepers of the Kingdom, where kids are equipped to stand strong in the battle for truth! Excitement galore awaits as you learn what the Bible teaches about the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness!

We care about the children and families in our community, and we want to be known as a church that is for our neighbors and for our community. Previously, through VBS, we were able to raise $1,200 for the Orting Food Bank as well as collect several pallets full of food and supplies that was then donated to the Orting Food Bank. 
We believe in giving back to our community, and our Vacation Bible School is just one way that we are #forOrting. 
Our VBS is a free event for everyone 5yrs old to 6th grade and we plan to keep it that way! We do have a competition offering all week long, as well as we encourage kids to bring certain items to earn points. The proceeds will again go back to our community.

What happens each night?

At VBS, we know that you have entrusted us with your kids for this short time and we want to make the most of the time that we have with them. Here is a brief look at what happens each night of VBS!

We believe that the Bible has the answers to life’s questions. Each night, we always take time to look into the Bible and see what God has to say to us.
Craft time is always a favorite time for all the kids! A lot of time, thought, and preparation goes into this aspect of the night to produce an experience that the kids will enjoy and remember!
Snack time is a nice little break in the night to get refreshed and have some yummy treats. Each snack will have something to do with the theme each year so it’s a lot of fun!
What would VBS be without some awesome games!? We take time each night to prepare and put on some super fun games to keep the kids engaged and to get their energy out. Game time is definitely a high light of the night!
We finish each night by everyone joining together in the main auditorium to see the daily drama. Each night’s drama builds on the previous night, so your kids need to come each day to experience the whole story!
Dear Parent,
I know I speak for all of our volunteers when I say how much of a privilege it is to have opportunities like VBS to impact and influence your kids. 
We know that during these days, we have been entrusted with your children. We love VBS and we love being able to get to know your kids throughout the week.
Your family is always welcome here at our church and we invite you to come visit us for one of our regular weekend services.
Find more information and service times at ortingbaptist.com
Dale Kurty | Youth Pastor